Calibration weights for electronic scales


Generally, electronic scales should be calibrated with 1/2 or 1/3 of the full scale range. The standard calibration process is as below:

Turn on the scales, warming up for 15 minutes, and calibrate 0 bit. Then use weights to calibrate in sequence, such as 1kg/2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg, keep the readout to be the same weight of weights, the calibration process is done.

Different scales will need different class of weights:

1.Balance with 1/100000 tolerance and minimum scale 0.01mg is excellence level balance. It need to be calibrated with E1 or E2 weights.

2.Balance with 1/10000 tolerance and minimum scale 0.1mg will use E2 weights to calibrate.

3.Balance with 1/1000 tolerance and minimum scale 1mg will use E2 or F1 weights to calibrate.

4.Balance with 1/100 tolerance and minimum scale 0.01g will use F1 weights to calibrate.

5.Scale with 1/100 tolerance and minimum scale 0.1g will use M1 weights to calibrate.

The scales and balances can be calibrated by corresponding value  and class weights.