HOMEProduct ETX-A series Pallet truck scale

ETX-A series Pallet truck scale

Integral indicator case, strong and durable;

Standard 3 tons of large white cylinders;

Standard wear resistant nylon wheel;

Professional tools and manipulator welding, no welding slag;

Professional powder spraying high-temperature baking paint;

Features and Specifications

20mm LED green word HD display, clear and readable in the sun;

4000ma super-large battery, charged once for more than 1-2 months;

PU type and rubber wheel are optional.

USB line mobile phone charger, easy to charge;


A pallet truck with digital weighing scale is an industrial tool to lift and move around heavy loads on pallets and weigh them directly on the go.


One step for both weighing and transfer heavy goods.


Model Type Capacity Product Description
ETX-A Standard Type 1000kg 1. Stainless steel display, which can be separated from the body for easy maintenance;
2.20 mm super large green characters, clearly readable in sunlight;
3.4000ma large battery, charge 1 time for 1-2 months;
4.1000 tons of hydraulic press die stamping, no cutting edges;
5. Professional tooling plus robot welding, no welding slag;
6. Professional spray high temperature baking finish;
7. Standard 3 tons white large cylinder;
8. Standard wear-resistant nylon wheel;
2000kg 9. Optional PU type, rubber wheel;
Enhanced Type 2500kg  
3000kg 10.USB charger, charging cable, convenient for charging;
High Matching Type 2500kg  
1.5mm  body plate;
2.6mm thick cover;
3. Standard silent PU wheel;
4. Standard 3 tons white large cylinder;
3000kg 5. Optional rubber wheel;