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Portable Truck scale/axle load scales

Portable truck scale is a new automobile weighing detection equipment launched by our company. It is suitable for road administration and traffic police to test vehicle over limit or overload. It is also suitable for the load control of transport vehicles and the weighing of low-value materials and other fields.

Features and Specifications

Multi-seal protection, waterproof and moisture-proof design to ensure normal detection in rainy days.

The platen is made of ultra-high strength aviation aluminium alloy. The outer surface of the platen is treated with high-quality military aluminium oxide for wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Integral structure has fast response speed and high frequency.

In addition to all the functions of single-channel type, the dual-channel type can be used to debug and detect the left and right channels respectively, which has better accuracy and can also be used to detect vehicle bias.


Portable axle load scales are widely used in highway transportation load control, highway law enforcement inspection, automobile safety performance testing, municipal waste disposal and other aspects. The development and utilization of axle load meters bring great convenience to the departments of road administration, municipal administration, security inspection and so on. The portable axle load meters themselves have become the advantages of customers'esteem.


Simple layout, thin balance table, light weight, easy to carry. Weighing table adopts the structure form of multiple sealing sensors embedded in the bottom of high strength aluminium alloy weighing table, which has high weighing accuracy and good sealing effect.


Capacity(single) 10t 15t 25t
Accuracy Dynamic:5%,Static:0.1%-0.3%
Effective table size 500*400*40mm 700*430*29mm 800*430*39mm
Slope Dimension 500*300mm 720*330mm 800*350mm
Safe overload 150%
Table Description Integral one-piece, with moderate precision, moderate self-weight, moderate installation height and rubber slope