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Livestock scale/Animal scale/Fence scale

The weighing platform is equipped with a fence. The front and back of the fence are opposite to open the door for animals to go up and down. There are four wheels under the scale, which has changed the disadvantage of ordinary weights that can not be moved and difficult to clean. The biggest advantage of the livestock scale is the design of its sensor. Four sensors will transmit all the weight of the livestock to the junction box. Then the chip (CPU) of the junction box will make a comprehensive judgement of the data and display the closest value.

Features and Specifications

After weighing, it can be disassembled as a single component to facilitate transportation.

The three designations are different in structure and material.

Dual channel, can connect two weighing platform at the same time

Power saving mode is optional

Manual/Automatic Accumulation Function, Counting function

Zero tracking range is optional


This scale is a special electronic weighing scale designed and improved for livestock or animals weighing.


Dynamic weighing function, even if animals continue to move around, can still quickly and accurately get the weight of animals. Different parameters can be set according to different animal characteristics in order to achieve the best results. Structural design is convenient for flushing fence structure, height and opening mode can be selected according to the different size of the animal table and weighing assignment of all stainless steel configuration.


Product Name Livestock scale/Animal scale/Fence scale
Model SCS-500kg SCS-1T SCS-2T SCS-3T SCS-5T SCS-10T
Capacity 500kg 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T
Indexing value 500g 500g 500g 1kg 2kg 5kg
Normal Dimension 0.8*0.8m;1*1m;1.2*1.2m;1.2*1.5m;1.5*1.5m;1.5*2m;2*2m;1.5*2.5m;1.5*3m;2*3m;2*4m