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Automatic Weighing Truck Scale-Fixed Type

Export-type intelligent truck scale fully considers the size limitation of truck scale due to container transportation by sea. At the same time, it must take into account the rigidity requirement of scale body and the convenience requirement of installation of terminal customers. This truck scale adopts U-shaped main girder, middle partition, bolt connection, easy assembly and disassembly;

Features and Specifications

Automatic weighing, automatic printing of pound sheets, automatic capturing of images and videos can be completed without manual intervention.

The information of vehicle number, driver, cargo name, supplier and consignee can be automatically transferred through the RFID card.

There is an LED large screen display outside the weighing room. The driver can see the relevant information.

The system has multi-level operation authority management

Achieving image capture and video surveillance

Support manual weighing.

Weighing data can be daily, monthly and specific time period statistics.

The recognition distance is more than 7 meters, and the adaptive speed can be as high as 80 km/h.


This truck scale is suitable for weighing various trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, container trucks and other vehicles.


Information acquisition speed is fast, operation is simple and convenient, plugging man-made operation loopholes, high security, long use time.




Weighing Capacity

10T,20T, 30T,40T,50T,60T,80T,100T,120T,150T,200T

Verification Accuracy


Platform Width


Platform Length