HOMEScales JCO counting scale

JCO counting scale

Resolution up to 1/15000(standard) or 1/30000(optional)

Single point and linear calibration available

Unit weight memory up to 20 pieces

RS-232/Relay interface/U-KEY connector/Blue Tooth 2.0/Blue Tooth serial port/USB Module/USART(optional)

Features and Specifications

Zero range setting and filter setting for counting under various condition

Accumulation,Accumulation display and Accumulation clear functions


Ideal for applications in production,packaging,warehouse,inventory,shipping and receiving areas


ACAI function results in a more accurate count by increasing the reference weight


Model JCO-3K JCO-6K JCO-15K JCO-60K
Capacity(kg) 3 6 15 30
Division(g) 0.2/0.1 0.5/0.2 1/0.5 2/1
Countable unit weight(g) 0.02 0.04 0.1 0.2
Display(mm) 6/5/6 digits,19mm digit height, LCD display
Weighing units kg,g,pcs/kg,kg,pcs/g,g,pcs/lb,lb,pcs
Weighing pan(mm) 310×225(stainless steel,and 1.0mm in thickness)
Power supply DC Adaptor 9V,0.4A/Rechargeable battery(6V/4AH)