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SKY-W High Precision Counting Balance

Zero range setting and filter setting for counting under various condition.

LCD screen display with green backlight suitable for dim light conditions.

Upper/Lower limit quantity check function.






Features and Specifications

Accumulation/accumulation display and clear function.

RS-232 (two way) as a standard

RS-232+RELEY+RTC interface (two way) for PC/printer(optional)


Ideal for applications including laboratory, school, jewelry,gold, silver,herbs,quality control or any other use.


High resolution in 1/30000, Battery and adaptor in dual mode to avoid power instability.


Model SKY-300 SKY-600 SKY-1500 SKY-3000
Capacity(g) 300 600 1500 3000
Division(g) 0.01 0.02/0.01 0.05 0.1
Weighing Unit kg g,ct,lb,oz,GN,tl.T,pcs
Display LCD display
Weighing Pan(mm) φ117*7
Dimension(mm) 238*175*75
Weight 980g
Power Supply DC adaptor(9V/400mA)/Rechargeable battery(6V 1.3A)